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plastic lining under concrete floor
Plastic lining under
concrete floor

plastic lining under concrete floor
Oil/Water separator and
retention bays

Material segragation bays.
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Environmental Policy

The Toyota Tsusho Groupís Environmental Policy

  1. As good corporate citizens, we will carry out our business activities in consideration of the Earthís environment, constantly aiming to preserve our natural surroundings, conserve energy, and recycle resources. In addition, we will take every step to ensure that our activities do not pollute the environment.

  2. In collaboration with our customers and associated companies, we will seek to make practical use of industrial waste, actively promoting environmental-related businesses, such as resource conservation. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the realization of a recycling-based economy.

  3. In our business activities, we will observe all environmental-related laws and regulations and industry standards with which we fully concur, and any other requirements.

  4. We will establish an environmental management system to implement and constantly evaluate our environmental protection activities, and will demonstrate creativity in targeting continuous improvement in all environmental endeavors.

  5. Through internal education programmes, we will promote a thorough understanding of our environmental policy, thereby raising the environmental awareness of our entire staff.

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