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Kentucky Non-Metal Operations

In Kentucky, there are many services offered. Our Resource and Waste Management Departments are responsible for handing numerous commodities. Our Inspection Department is responsible for completing inspections of parts on our customer's site. Our Maintenance Steel Department supplies the metal used for maintenance work completed on our customer's site.

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Resource Management team members pick up the commodities in the plant, and transports them to a designated location. Once at this location, the commodities are segregated, packaged, and shipped to various approved vendors for resale. Some of the recyclable commodities we handle are: corrugated cardboard, metal, various plastics, wood, paper products and gloves. Our team members track the commodities from pick up point to shipment destination for reporting purposes.

Our Waste Management Department is responsible for the timely collection of full and empty waste containers throughout the customer's facility and safely transporting them to an accumulation area until shipment. Our team members are responsible for tracking thousands of waste containers annually. Our team members are also responsible for complying with the EPA and DOT regulations which include inspecting, manifesting, labeling containers, shipping, and reporting.

Currently our Inspection Department is only handling the inspection of aluminum engine heads. Our team members inspect for defects and leaks. This has been part of our scope of work since May, 1996.

In December 1998, this department started supplying the metal used for maintenance work to our customer. The steel is delivered to our warehouse, where it is processed, loaded on modules, and then delivered. In 2005, this department won an award from our customer for “Outstanding Minority Development Performance”. Continued hard work and dedication from these team members helped them achieve the "2006 Business Partner Award".

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