Green Metals Inc. | Services
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Our Services

Metals Division

GMI’s services exemplify the company’s commitment to provide superior recycling operations both structurally and mechanically. All scrap is unloaded and loaded under roof.

Our concrete floors measure 12” deep with an environmental liner underneath. An oil/water separation pit handles liquid collection and containment to ensure no contamination of ground water or soil. Cranes and magnets operate overhead while the latest ATM K350 baler produces hourly up to 100, 400mm x 400mm by variable bales.

Clients receive a competitive solution to their disposal and recycling needs and don’t have to be concerned about third-party liability. Using Green Metals for scrap disposal, customers can claim their disposal methods as environmental-friendly and enhance their image as a good corporate citizen.

 Below is a list of the materials we handle at present. Please use the form below to contact our sales department to inquire about your needs:

  • Busheling
  • Steel
  • Cast
  • Cast Iron Borings
  • Machine Shop Turnings
  • No. 1 and 2 Heavy Melt
  • No. 2 Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Turnings
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • 400 Stainless
  • 300 Stainless
  • Production Maintenance

All of our processes, including standardized work, follow strict ISO 14001 established guidelines. All scrap is unloaded, processed, and loaded under roof.

Green Metals Inc. is proud to have metal facilities in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

Non-Metals Division

The services we initially offered began with the hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste management for our customers. Since then, we have grown and expanded to include various other services.

Our hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste groups evolved into our Resource and Waste Management departments handling numerous types of commodities sent off for recycling, reuse, reclamation, or converted from waste to energy.

Some of the commodities we handle include:

  • Recyclables such as:
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Various types of Plastics
    • Rubber
    • Glass
    • No. 1 and 2 Heavy Melt
    • Wood
  • Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Hazardous Waste including
    • Paint
    • Paint Solvents
  • Universal Waste
  • E-Waste
  • Various Metals such as:
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Cast Iron

Green Metals Inc. is proud to have non-metal facilities in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and West Virginia.
To find out what non-metal services are currently being provided, click the learn more below.